Do You Know Why Your Next Mercedes Car Should Be E400 Wagon?

Are You planning to replace your present Mercedes Car? You must have enjoyed driving your Mercedes car so far and quite satisfied with the service and support provided by Mercedes-Benz. Therefore, the next car that you should buy should be 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class wagon, as that is the best car available in the showroom now.

Even if you are planning to buy any used Mercedes Benz then too you must target only this model. Here are few reasons for giving you such suggestion.

  • It is fun to drive such fast car

There is no doubt Mercedes-Benz has many other models of fast cars and they may even be faster than E-class wagon however its power is just perfect to drive. This car is much more responsive, smooth to drive and quite explosive too. Its horse power is 329 HP with a torque of 354 pound-feet and all other features makes it a perfect car in any kind of weather. If you want to drive it like any sports car then select a mode and your car will run like any sports car.

  • Luxurious car however no too costly

The interior of this model is very beautiful and colors chosen for every item is just unique. The leather used for the seat is thick and flexible, wooden work is striking, all other items inside looks much more expensive than it is. Its digital dashboards are easy to operate. There is hardly any noise that you can feel even if you drive the car at highway speeds. All these comforts that is available is only for luxurious car that has not really increased the price of the car.

  • You can put it in auto mode when you want

The car has auto drive facility where all the camera and other electronic controls will take it over and you can be free. This is a unique experience that you get with the model of Mercedes-Benz. It will not only apply brake when necessary but also change the lane without you touching anything.

  • Other technology is also equally impressive

The navigation system provided in this car can work flawlessly. Its display screen of 12.3 inches is much easier to view and the voice recognition will never fail you. It is very easy to access the navigation system. It also has powerful audio system and the seats get warm very quickly.

You do not need to buy any SUV if you buy this model of car.

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