How to Select the Best Car Insurance Company

Everyone dream of owning a car nowadays Car is the best mode of road transportation with family friends or even when you decide to hit the road solo!  Some want to own it for necessity, while some look at a car as a status symbol and leisure gadget. A car is also treated as financial status uplift status of a middle class. While buying a car, an individual look from all possible aspect like color, technology to the latest features in the vehicle. Price is one of the most important aspects. Some people invest their whole life-saving in buying a car while some people go for loans to get their ride.  So, apart from the emotional investment it takes great economic investment.  Even minor of replacement, repair or service cost heavy on the pocket. Car Insurance is the solution for economic and mental assistance for car related issues. There are ‘n’ numbers of car insurance companies which offer attractive offers an insurance policy. One needs to be vigilant while choosing any insurance.

Car Insurance –

Before buying car insurance it is very important to understand what car insurance is. Car insurance is one type of the insurance policy that offers financial protection to the policyholder during unseen events like road accidents, loss and damage caused to the insured car.  One has to pay a fixed amount as a premium amount, which can be paid yearly, semi-yearly depending on the insurance policy.

Buying Car Insurance in India-

Car insurance used to be quiet hard work in term of paperwork in past. But, with the introduction of latest technology, a process of buying car insurance have become quite easy and it can be bought online, with zero paperwork. Even if you opt to buy an insurance policy offline, it has minimal paperwork and quite easy to understand. Premium amount also differ with an online and offline insurance policy. There are many factors that one keep in mind while buying an insurance, a premium is one the most important factor among that. Age of car, an age of car owner, type of the car and etc matter while buying car insurance. While choosing an insurance company, there are also many factors that one need to take care of before settling for one car insurance company, some of the factors which should be considered before buying car insurance –

  1. Compare various Insurance companies – Insurance market is flooded with ‘n’ number of car insurance companies and one need to keep a sharp eye on the market before settling on one company. It is mandatory to review, compare, premium amount and coverage that is offered by a company in order to get maximum benefits and proper value for the hard earned money.
  2. Add-ons make it best- Car insurance company offer basic plan mostly, but riders enhance the beauty of any plan. One can enhance the basic insurance plans as per expectations after keeping a sharp eye on the add-on offered by the insurance company.
  3. Customer Service – one can tell a lot about any company by the way one treats its customer. An insurance company which offers timely assistance, any other help as per the requirement of the customer at times of need makes it quite easy to decide how a company is.
  4. Claim Settlement Ratio – If an insurance company denies or reject insurance claim even after all genuine paperwork and situation covered under the insurance plan, it is useless then. So, one need to be aware of the claim settlement ratio settled by the insurance company and should not fall prey to the companies which traumatize customers for their resource.

You can compare car insurance policy online from top insurance companies using the It will provide free quotes an can help you in further claim process as well.

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