How Tracking Vehicle Movement Saves Your Business Money

If you’ve been building a number of vehicles very lengthy, you will know every minute an automobile is on the highway is costing money. So, just how much are you currently paying for unauthorized vehicle use as well as on motorists who waste money and time to lessen work? Managing this cost alone by tracking vehicle movement forces you to the organization hero for the following year.

There are many methods to abuse the privilege of driving literally any type of company vehicle:

– errands in route in the last business stop to the garage

– while using truck for the weekend moving business

– using the organization vehicle to consider your children places on weekends

All these abuses from the privilege of driving a business vehicle could be detected by tracking vehicle movement. Having a simple Gps navigation tracking device that attaches towards the steering column of every vehicle, you can’t can just learn where each vehicle reaches any time (since you will be tracking vehicle movement), but you may also make use of the capacity of tracking vehicle movement and save a brief history to demonstrate where each vehicle continues to be so when it had been there.

Think about the cost to the organization if every vehicle has been driven an additional 100 miles each week. Presuming that the vehicles average 10 mpg out and about, each vehicle uses ten gallons of gas. If gas is selling for $2.75, each vehicle is costing the organization an additional $27.50 each week. That you can do all of those other math to hold that by the quantity of vehicles getting used after which multiplying by 52 days. Which comes to $1,430 per vehicle each year – and that is only for gas!

When you set in the pro rated costs for anything else, you may be saving a lot of money by tracking vehicle use. Have a couple of minutes to decipher it. Gather all the costs on the ‘per vehicle’ along with a per mile basis: fuel, oil, insurance, maintenance, parts, deterioration, tires, license tags, taxes and also the perils of getting the automobile on the highway.

Whenever you accumulate many of these costs for each vehicle that could be being used for something apart from business, the quantity might be staggering if it’s prevalent. However if you simply invested the little price of tracking vehicle movement having a Gps navigation tracking device, you can spend the money for tool and the monitoring service but still hands in charge a lot of money. In case your fleet is much like most, the price of tracking vehicle activity having a Gps navigation device could be retrieved in only three several weeks. In only 90 days you will probably have to recuperate the price of the unit for tracking vehicle movement and the price of a complete year of monitoring.

Finally, take into account that I have only requested you to definitely consider the price of unauthorized utilization of company vehicles and also the financial savings you can achieve by tracking vehicle use. Now consider the cash you could lay aside should you can be that a number of your motorists were intentionally taking longer routes in one place to another, or that by tracking vehicle movement you can prove that a number of your motorists are sitting somewhere killing time. The greater you consider the need for tracking vehicle movement, the higher the potential savings you are able to achieve for the company.

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