Important Facts You Should Know About Polish Diploma Translation

Have you been searching for a business to translate your diploma polish translation and academic accomplishments? You have come to the right place. So grab a cup of tea. Let’s learn more about why you are here today.

You may be requested to present a polish diploma translation for many reasons. The prominent causes include:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate admissions or certifications.
  • Studying abroad in a different school or university.
  • Transferring schools
  • Proof of education and so on.

Polish diploma translation Process

Immigration can require translations for many reasons, as required by the procedures. Kings of Translation has been lauded with recommendations and positive feedback for its translation services. We have also been recommended by many students who wish to study abroad. Our history of customer interaction and positive customer satisfaction reviews are present to mirror our translation services for academic purposes.

However, please remember we only translated academic documents. Kings of Translation is not present to evaluate the authenticity of the diplomas, certificates, or degrees.  We may hire a credited specialist on your request to stamp the credentials as authenticate. However, that step comes after the translation has been complete.

We follow a strict quality assurance regarding polish diploma translation. Our expert team of translators is mostly native polish speakers who understand the complexity of the language involved. They also understand the close link between translation and evaluation needs. Our quaint established provides certified translation of the documents provided. You will see the translation is exquisite of the source document.

Our polish translators have translated numerous diplomas and certificates previously. Our translators are hundred per cent human and do not use AI or digital translators to perform services. Our translated documents have been presented in immigration courts, university matters, and other matters regarding state and federal matters.

Our polish diploma translation is literally word to word of the source document. We translate all the visible text. Kings of Translation later attests that the translation is accurate and has been translated fluently in the requested language.

Our additional steps include

Providing the translation on the official letterhead, we take full responsibility for the authenticity of the translation. The order and page number are mentioned on every page with our contact information and corporate registration number.

Kings of Translation aims to practice complete transparency with customers. Every translation provided will be on the official letterhead with word for word for your convenience. We understand these translations decide your future, so we take complete care in polish diploma translations.

Furthermore, our final translations also provide a disclaimer. We provide a declaration that the translator does not have any relationship or close contact with the customer. The two parties are complete strangers without any personal or otherwise nature of the relationship.

The estranged professional relationship is later notarized to complete and authenticate the entire press. Both parties are asked to stand witness in front of the notary public and sign witness documents to complete the attestation process. Afterwards, the translated documents, waivers, testimonies, and original source document is mailed to the user with wet signatures.

Kings of translations optional services include:

  • Immediate translated services for an escalated price, but your order will be prioritized over other documents.
  • Hard copy sent to the mailing address via courier service.
  • Currency conversation for uniform service rates for international customers.

About the Company

Kings of Translation is the best translation service available regarding educational diplomas and birth and marriage certificates. We offer an initial free consolation and encourage you to browse for businesses that offer similar services.  Kings of Translation is available by email or call at +44 7588 074088.

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