Is It Compulsory to Have a PUC Certificate With Your Car Insurance Policy?

We are all aware that excessive and irresponsible vehicle use has become a significant source of air pollution, depleting the ozone layer and negatively impacting the environment. This is precisely why it is critical to drive vehicles that emit less pollution.

Also, you cannot be insured unless you have a valid PUC. To that end, the Indian government has implemented the PUC certificate law, which limits the amount of pollution emitted by vehicles.

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What is a PUC Certificate, and how important is it to have one?

PUC is an abbreviation for Pollution Under Control. The certificate certifies that your vehicle’s emissions are within permissible limits, allowing you to drive on Indian roads. Before issuing a PUC certificate, various tests are performed to check your vehicle’s emission levels. *

The following are included in the PUC Certificate:

  • Serial number of a PUC certificate
  • The registration number of your vehicle
  • The date of the PUC examination
  • The PUC certificate’s validity
  • The results of the PUC examination

Is a PUC Certificate required for all vehicles driving on Indian roads?

Yes. All cars must have a PUC certificate. A PUC certificate is just as crucial as a registration certificate, driving licence, and insurance policy.

The authorities in charge of road transportation have specified acceptable pollution levels. If your vehicle falls into this category, you will be eligible for a PUC certificate.

What is the PUC certification test procedure?

Obtaining a PUC Certification is a simple process that goes as follows:

  • Your car dealer will arrange for a PUC certificate for a new vehicle. They will even help you in getting new car insurance.
  • To renew, go to an authorised petrol station.
  • The vehicle’s exhaust will be scanned to monitor emission levels.
  • If the reading falls below the allowable limit, you will be issued a certificate after you pay the fees.

How much does a PUC test cost, and how reliable is it?

The cost of obtaining a PUC certificate ranges between INR 60 and INR 100. The price is determined by the type of vehicle you own and the fuel you use.

The certificate’s validity for a new vehicle is one year, but it is only six months when it is renewed. However, if the emission levels are incredibly high, the validity of the PUC can be revoked by the relevant authority.

The advantages of a PUC certificate are as under:


  • Keeps the environment safe: The main advantage of having PUC is that you will not be driving a vehicle that is harmful to the environment.
  • Helps you determine the condition of your vehicle: Regular PUC tests allow you to determine whether your vehicle is in good condition and whether it requires servicing.
  • Follow the Law:As previously stated, failing to carry a PUC certificate violates the law. So get one and make sure you’re following the rules.
  • Helps you qualify for insurance: A PUC certificate is necessary if you want to purchase an insurance policy.


So, check now to see if your PUC is valid or has expired. If it has expired, renew it today, as it is against the law to drive without a valid PUC. And while you’re at it, check your insurance policy too. If it needs a renewal, then get a Bajaj Allianz car insurance renewal policy online today.

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