The Speedy & Sporty Honda Adventure

If you’re looking for a motorcycle that you could easily convert into a sporting bike, then you’ll want to give the Honda Adventure a second look. The Adventure is an all around good performer that comes with a complete suspension set for long distance travel. It can stand up to fairly aggressive road riding due to the stable fork and healthy build quality. Since the Adventure offers multiple modes, you should be able to find the right setting that balances safety and horsepower for the kind of ride you’re looking for.

• Top Speed: 190 kmh

• Power: 74 horses

• Clearance: 270mm

• Engine Capacity: 125cc

• Torque: 99Nm

A Closer Look at the Model

Our review of the Honda Adventure is designed to highlight some specific features that make this bike the right choice for many different types of rides. Competitive pricing makes it an attractive option for those looking for a sturdy bike that won’t break the bank.

Torque & Traction

Honda’s engineers decided to offer a number of different modes, which helps riders adjust to changing conditions. You won’t have to worry about excessive speeds when you decide to change gears.

Tunability Options

Off-roaders looking for a precise experience who might also want to experiment with tarmac riding should find that the tunability features make the Honda Adventure a joy to ride. You should be able to maintain control even when riding at full horsepower. Switch on the bad weather option whenever you’d like to improve fuel economy.

Onboard Tech

Several new technologies were integrated into the Adventure’s design. An automatic shift makes it much easier to use for those unfamiliar with manual transmissions. Those who prefer a traditional experience can always switch back, however.

Power Output

Both the manual and automatic shift options offer a lot of power. Honda Adventure riders should be more than happy with the 125cc engine. It outperforms some larger models that aren’t as efficient.

Body Styling

Bikers who find it difficult to fit on some motorcycles should be pleased with the adjustable seat. It can accommodate riders of most heights. The handlebars are pretty solid too.


• High-tech design

• Comfortable on long rides

• Easily converts to off-road mode


• Needs a ton of maintenance

Concluding Remarks

We immediately noticed just how solid this bike was when we first set out to write a review of the Honda Adventure. The relatively low price makes it suitable for cash strapped bikers, but you won’t be sacrificing performance. It’s quite beefy for a bike with a 125cc motor.

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